We are super happy to be back in the office, at least part of the time! You can reach us at the office on Mondays through Thursdays. We are still communicating with worksites to determine who is reopening their volunteer programs and needs fresh volunteers.

Office Reopening Update

As you probably have heard by now, Gov. Bullock has announced his phased plan to reopen Montana. In light of this, United Way and RSVP staff are working to determine how we will resume our normal daily operations. For the time being, staff will continue to exercise caution and will […]

Reopening Volunteering Update

Due to concerns about coronavirus, the United Way staff, including Lynette and Jessica, are being encouraged to work from home. RSVP staff will be available by email as usual, but we will not have consistent access to the office phone. If you need to reach us, please email us at┬ájbriggs@uwccmt.org, […]

RSVP Staff Will Be Remote