Our RSVP program is trying something new for Montana. We just sent out a mass volunteer recruitment mailing to over 9,500 seniors in Cascade County. The goal is to inspire new volunteers to become active in the community. Hopefully at the April recognition event you will have a chance to […]

Mass Mailing Has Gone Out

Be Careful with Public Wifi   Free Wi-Fi is great! It allows you to connect to the internet without using your data when you are out and about. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer free public Wi-Fi to encourage customers to linger, but free public Wi-Fi also has some dangers […]

Be Careful with Public Wifi

On the Watch for ATM Skimmers   ATM skimming is a type of con that uses the technology you use at ATMs or gas pumps to steal your money. How it works is simple: thieves install an illegal card-reading device on machines that process debit cards. When a card is […]

On the Watch for ATM Skimmers