Our Top Volunteer Retention Tips

Our Top Volunteer Retention Tips

Tune into why your volunteer is there and make sure you are doing your part in fulfilling that part of their experience as much as possible. Meeting their needs will help ensure that you have a happy volunteer who will keep coming back.


Provide routine orientations for both new and current volunteers so they remain familiar with newer aspects of your program. This is a great way to share recent accomplishments and keep them up-to-date on any changes in procedure.


Make sure that volunteers know who they should go to with their questions or concerns and that they have access to that person.


Provide training for the tasks you are asking your volunteers to perform. Review their tasks routinely to make sure that they don’t need additional training so that the volunteers remain comfortable with what is being asked of them.


Incorporate evaluations of both the volunteer and by the volunteer into your program. This gives your volunteer a chance to grow and allows your organization a chance to improve as well. This is a great time to check-in with your volunteers and have a conversation about how they like their job and if there are other things they would like to do.


Keep your word about the tasks and times volunteers will be serving. Adding extra duties and hours at the last minute can put volunteers in an awkward position.


Remember that your volunteers are people and build personal connections with them. Take time to chat and learn about their lives. This creates stronger bonds between them and your organization’s staff.


Recognize your volunteers! Thank them for the time they give you and communicate the impact they have on your organization. There are many ways to do this, such as birthdays or thank you cards, a “kudos” award or recognition events. The RSVP staff is glad to include you in our annual event or put a message from your organization into our bi-monthly newsletter.

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