Here’s to Another Great Year of Volunteering

Every April we seek to celebrate the achievements of our volunteers and the impact of your efforts with our annual luncheon. Senior Corps volunteers like you work in countless ways to make communities stronger all across the nation, and it is our honor to thank you for those efforts.

On April 30, RSVP and United Way staff joined 100 volunteers and their guests in recognizing the impact you have had over the past year. We were fortunate to have Juanita Rosales and her family at the luncheon to receive her 30-year award. We also had young professionals from United Way’s Connect Great Falls serving as table runners and learning more about volunteering from all of you.

Mayor Bob Kelly once again served as our master of ceremonies and shared his admiration for all the work that volunteers do, highlighting the respect and compassion that you all show for those in need. The Honorable Greg Pinkski, Montana 8th Judicial District Court Judge, spoke about opioids in Cascade County, providing valuable information on this critical issue as well as giving volunteers ways that they can help. He encouraged RSVP volunteers to educate themselves and make use of drug disposal bags and invited Veteran volunteers to serve as mentors in the Veteran Treatment Court.

No matter the issue in Cascade County, RSVP volunteers have been on-hand to fill critical needs. In the past year, you assisted in food distribution programs, helped spread information about opioid abuse, helped provide flu shots, and read to young children in pre-school and elementary schools. You helped at tax centers, welcomed visitors at museums, and cooked and delivered meals for those in need. Where there was a need, you were there.

In 2018, United Way RSVP volunteers performed 46,725 hours of service. At the current value of a volunteer hour of $23, your combined service represents over $1 million of direct value to our communities. The need in our communities is only growing as programs continue to face tight budgets and staffing shortages. You and your fellow volunteers are the solution, and we thank you for being a critical part of improving our community. We look forward to another great year.

30 Year Awards

Juanita Rosales– 3,635


25 Year Awards

Charlotte Brady– 16,267

Harold Spilde– 16,057


20 Year Awards

Sylvia Harant- 6,011


15 Year Awards

Carol Anderson- 1,118

Charmayne Bell- 1,514

Sharon Kunka- 923

Mary Ellen Miller- 6,519

Leonard Null- 6,132

Darrell Schamp- 2,962

Sharon Schamp- 1,444

Connie Tryon- 2,409

Carl White- 3,118

Dinah Woods- 6,832

Jerry Yoder- 4,562



10 Year Awards

Carol Birckhead- 894

Myrna Blatter- 2,481

Jan Fulbright- 1,530

Anne Gannon- 481

Judy Ludtke- 566

Mary Ann McKay- 1,112

Mary Ellen Mewes- 728

Harlan Orham- 2,228

Darla Parker- 396

Delores Seay- 7,945

Evelyn Thomas- 2,940

Nancy Westervelt- 399


5 Year Awards

Marsha Berland-5,450

Robert Roy Berland- 919

Frances Christiansen- 105

Bob Dickenson- 48

Kathryn Fjeld- 83

Fred Gabel- 1,173

Jean Grove- 99

Joyce Harding- 217

Mike Harding- 217

Earlene Hunter- 147

Lila Jones- 5,816

Gerald Knight- 3,763

Randall Knowles- 762

Bob Majerus- 2,404

Sharron Miller- 932

Jan Moldenhauer-140

Sharon Odden- 936

  1. James Parker- 822

Rosemary Peters- 887

Virginia Piatt- 755

Kathryn Quast- 553

Gayetta Quenemoen- 692

Magda Roberts-127

Paula Roof- 1,445

Katherine Sandefur- 143

Eva Sivumaki- 502

Bob Swartz- 409

Midge Warrington- 1,748

James Wickens- 265


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