Encourage Early Literacy With the Library

Support for youth and education is a keystone of the Great Falls Public Library. Each summer, the library steps up to fill needs for free activities for local children with their Summer Reading Program. The library hosts reading events, hands-on activities, STEM challenges, and crafting days to keep kids engaged and learning throughout summer.

This fall, the library is launching a new program, Ready To Read, to build early literacy in children through story time. Volunteers will be sent to daycares, Head Start, and the Boys and Girls Club to read stories to children. The goal of the program is to encourage early literacy by going to where the children are.

“Studies have found that early literacy improves academic and social performance for children when they enter school,” Library Director Susie McIntyre says. “It gives them the foundation they need to make the most of school.”

This new program will encourage children to enjoy reading and make story time a fun social experience. Volunteers will serve between 10 a.m. and noon once or twice a week with somewhat flexible scheduling options. Assistant Director Sara Linder-Parkinson warned that part of story time will also include a song and dance break.

All volunteers with the library must pass a background check to work with children. The library provides training and supervision for all volunteers to ensure a comfortable environment.

The Summer Reading and the Ready to Read programs are a fun way to engage with the youth and support education. If you’re interested in volunteering,  contact our office at 727-3400, and we’ll help you get started.


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