Montana Department of Health and Human Services:

This website is the main resource page for the Montana Department of Health and Human Services for seniors. You can find information on local programs, find health-related information and reach local representatives.

National Council on Aging Website:

Provides lots of great information on senior issues, healthy living and important news for senior citizens in the United States of America.


Website provides important information on AARP programs, articles on senior health, medical advancements, safety and much more along with important national news.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau works to protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law. They seek to ensure that consumers have the resources they need to make smart decisions and have educational articles designed for those 55 and up addressing topics such as retirement, reverse mortgages, managing another’s money, and avoiding fraud. If you have financial questions, this is a great resource to turn to.

Elder Justice Initiative:

The United States Department of Justice maintains a special listing of resources for senior citizens in need of assistance. The goal is to ensure that seniors can access the resources they need in the hopes of lessening cases of elder abuse across the country. You can find a lot of information on both national and state programs here.